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Family Session in Downtown Mobile, Alabama- Denton Family

Family photos in park with oak trees

There's something magical about witnessing the growth of a family over time, and as a photographer, it's a privilege to be part of that journey. Recently, I had the opportunity to reconnect with the Denton family- Caitlin, Kyle, and their two beautiful daughters, Brenleigh and Raelyn. Having known them since high school, it was a joy to capture their latest chapter through a family photoshoot. Memories of their family's growth flooded my mind. The last time I photographed them was when Caitlin was expecting their first child, Raelyn! It felt like a full-circle moment to capture their updated family photos.

Family photos in park with oak trees

Family photos in park with oak trees

When it came to choosing the ideal location for the photoshoot, the Denton family trusted my suggestion of Washington Square. Nestled within the Oakleigh Historic District, this hidden gem holds a timeless charm that perfectly complemented the Denton family's essence. As we ventured into this quaint corner of downtown Mobile, we were greeted by the sight of majestic live oak trees adorned with lush green resurrection fern, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Washington Square truly encapsulates the allure of the Oakleigh Historic District. The sprawling live oak trees serve as the main focal point, casting a natural canopy of shade over the surroundings. The peaceful ambiance and the serenity of the square offered a serene space for the Denton family to express their love and connection, creating timeless memories.

Family photos in park

Family photos

As I captured each precious moment of the Denton family's photos, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to document their journey. Washington Square provided an idyllic setting, allowing the Dentons to showcase their love and bond against a backdrop that reflected their story. It was a privilege to witness the growth of their family, from Caitlin and Kyle's high school years to the present, where they are raising two incredible daughters. Being able to freeze these beautiful moments in time is what makes photography truly magical.


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