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Disney World Engagement Session- Dori + Riley

Riley and I have worked together for a few years now, but recently, her partner, Dori, has started to work with us a lot too! During a casual conversation about Disney, I found out Dori planned on proposing to Riley during this trip, and that they wanted to do it in a spot that was special to Riley- The Tangled Bathrooms.

Fun fact about me, I'm a former Annual Passholder, and photographing couples in love at The Happiest Place on Earth has been a dream of mine. When Dori told me of their plans, I looked at my calendar, and seeing I was available the day they planned the proposal, I jumped at the opportunity to photograph the moment for them! One way or another, I ended up finding a friend to stay with and made the trip a mini spontaneous vacation- but with a magical focus.

The morning of the proposal, I decided to kill time at another park. As I walked to my car when it was time to get to Magic Kingdom, it down poured. My denim was drenched and heavy. I ended up running to the closest Target, bought a $12 dress, changed in the bathroom, and made it to Magic Kingdom just in time. I had Dori share their location with me so I could track, and avoid them until it was time- I really try to channel my inner Private Investigator/Spy/Secret Photographer side.

When they got to the spot, and Dori started their speech, the light was hitting just right, and it was like the magic of Disney was filling the courtyard as people stopped and cheered for their Happily Ever After!

Are you proposing to your prince or princess? I'd love to capture the beginning of your love story.

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